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Political Intervention by Mr. George Perdikes to the European Parliament Group – Greens/EFA, on the Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq

The President of the Cyprus Greens - Citizens' Cooperation has convey a letter to the Co-Presidents of the EP Group - Greens/European Free Alliance, Ms. Ska Keller and Mr. Philippe Lamberts, calling for an urgent political reaction to an imminent humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

The representatives of the Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD, Syria) appealed for this intervention during a meeting with the President of the Cyprus Greens – Citizen’s Cooperation, Mr. George Perdikes on August the 1st.

Addressing the Co-Chairs of the European Greens, Mr. Perdikes called for an urgent political reaction to an imminent humanitarian crisis at the Maxmur refugee camp, which hosts more than ten thousand refugees, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

After a Turkish air raid in the Maxmur area (July 19, 2019), serious concerns that Turkish aggression would intensify in the area causing more human suffering, were raised. Turkey's aggression in the neighborhood is increasing, targeting the Kurdish people in Iraq and Syria, in violation of international law and human rights. Not to mention Turkey's illegal drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean, recently condemned by the European Council.

Mr. Perdikes calls on the two Co-Presidents, in view of the Greens / EFA's enhanced presence in the European Parliament, to support the EU action on tackling the humanitarian crises caused by Turkey.

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