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Cyprus Greens: No to a crocodile and a seal park

The Cyprus Green Party expressed from the beginning, its opposition to the creation of a crocodile park in Larnaca and also a seal park in Protara.

Unfortunately these matters resurface once again, despite the various reactions of voluntary organizations and local authorities, which were expressed in the Parliamentary Environment Committee, when the matters where discussed.

The Cyprus Green Party considers that Cyprus lacks in experience regarding the management of large reptiles or complex installations of aquariums hosting marine mammals. The Cyprus Green Party has a lot of reservations whether the managers of these projects and the people who will be called to control them, can ensure the prosperity and the well-being of these animals and/or reptiles.

We would like to remind you that in the area of Ayia Napa there used to be a dolphinarium and a seal park, operation which caused a lot of protests and a conviction of Cyprus. Eventually it was forced to shut down and the then Secretariat Council of Ministers, decided to prohibit the operation of such businesses in Cyprus. Unfortunately, the present Government has recently decided to lift this ban.

Unfortunately once again the economic crisis and the need for development are used as justification for projects which are doubtful whether they will bring economic development but will certainly cause many problems to the environment and to the citizens quality of life. Let us not sacrifice the environment and our quality of life once more in the name of the so-called development.